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Photo of our completed shower repair job in Ballarat

Water can stand on the bathroom, shower and kitchen surface leading to lethal falling and slipping accidents.  Waterproofing maximizes the safety of your family and friends by reducing the chances of slipping. Our team is fulfilling the waterproofing needs of the Ballarat community for years. Our experience has made us masters in the field of waterproofing.  Whether it is your pool patio or bathroom, our team will guarantee a job well done.

Pool Patios

The pool is a necessary, visually appealing and design element of your backyard. It can be used for various purposes, especially beating the unbearable heat here in Ballarat. It’s a favourite place inthe house for both kids and adults during the summer. Therefore, it should be appropriately waterproofed to avoid any unfortunate incident. Contact us today to get pool patio waterproofed flawlessly.

Showers and Bathrooms

Shower and bathrooms are rooms that are mostly accumulated with water giving rise to possibilities of slipping accidents. Consequently, a waterproofed shower and bathroom will not only ensure the security of your family but is also easy to clean. Our team is an expert in enhancing the splendour of your bathroom while maintaining perfect security measures. Ballarat Tiling & Waterproofing is experienced, capable and proficient in fulfilling any of your waterproofing needs.

Fool-Proof Products

Ballarat Tiling & Waterproofing has developed a reliable and trustworthy association with several different manufacturers and suppliers over these years. These associations enable us to provide a high-quality, eco-friendly and most extensive variety of materials, hardware, and equipment. Moreover, we always use standard products and follow standard operating procedures. Our team will always give you the best advice regarding project planning, management, and execution.

Durable Protection

Our prime objective is customer satisfaction. That is why our services have lifelong benefits. Waterproofing done by our competent team will guarantee your safety throughout your life. We only use durable material and hardware to ensure a longer lifespan of our services.

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