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Ventilation and light affect the appearance and the feel of the wall paint in your home. The bathroom is the little space in the house that experiences a lot of abuse due to constant steam and water splashes from the showers.  

Further, the regular changes in the humidity levels in your bathroom affect the paint, thus needing a superior finish that is moisture resistant and durable.  

Wall prepping is a vital process in bathroom renovation and should be done before painting. The fresh coat of paint gives this space a new life. The article provides tips on how to keep the bathroom’s paint looking brand new, the best paint, and finish. 

Bathroom renovation done in Ballarat with light gray finish paint and wood look floor tiles


Proper bathroom ventilation is a phrase that is repeated over and over because, without it, several things are likely to go wrong. One of the first items affected by poor ventilation is the paint due to increased humidity levels and the growth of moulds and mildew. 

The best solution to this challenge is a large window that allows adequate air circulation. A ceiling fan or exhaust fan is an equipment that can help you clear full steam from this room, remove moisture, and dry the bathroom’s walls. You can achieve this by running it after every bath or shower for at least one hour.   


Lighting enhances the appearance of your bathroom walls and ceilings. Adequate natural light keeps your walls and ceiling looking perfect throughout the day if good prep was done before drywall installation. However, poor surface preparation will show when natural light cast on the bathroom’s ceiling. Therefore, you should prepare your bathroom’s walls properly if your paint to shine more and last longer. 

Fixed lighting like wall sconces is added to enhance your bathroom lighting; however, you should take care when preparing the surface before drywall installation because they will highlight flaws. 

On the other hand, you can fix minor imperfections after priming or do regular small touch-ups now and then. Inspect the woodwork, and the door finishes in both natural fixed lighting conditions to ensure that it’s correctly done. 

Wall Surface  

Your drywall corners should be straight and true. This will give you sharp edges when you paint them. Further, you won’t want to force the painter to hide the inferior wall surface to get perfect corners. 

You can opt for pro bead corners or paper-faced metal drywall corners to strengthen the wall’s assembly as well as create perfect edges. 

Even Texture  

Working with a contractor like Ballarat Tiling and Waterproofing will ensure that your drywall on all the bathroom walls has an even texture. The paint will always show whether wall prep was adequately done or not. 

Bathroom Windows 

Windows are another area of the bathroom that takes a beating. Most people place hot items like blow dryers and candles on top of the ledge. They only interact with this area when they open or close the window. 

Therefore, use durable gloss trim or semi-gloss paint to take care of the abuse. You can also use exterior paint on the window if it’s exposed to direct rain and wind.  

You can place your bathroom windows a bit higher for privacy but ensure that it’s accessible by all and easy to open to serve its purpose. 

Wood Paneling 

Panelled walls are useful in protecting busy bathroom walls, thus minimizing the need to install drywall.   

Best Paint for Your Bathroom 

As stated above, the right finish of paint can brighten your bathroom and even give you a serene spa experience. Thus, it’s essential to factor in damp and humid conditions in your bathroom when renovating and repainting your bathroom.   

Sink splashes and hot showers contribute to moisture; hence the paint on your bathroom walls should stand up for such conditions. It should also resist mould and mildew growth. 

Bathroom renovation done in Ballarat with white paint finish and white porcelain floor tiles

The following are types of paint and finishes for your bathroom.  

Latex Paint vs. Oil Paint  

Latex is the best option for bathrooms. Today, several formulas are moisture-resistant and have improved durability. Still, you have to pick water latex paint that is washable to allow you to scrub the surface when it gets stained without moisture ruining your wall paint. 

On the other hand, oil paint is durable and able to withstand scrubbing, which are the two qualities needed in a bathroom’s paint. However, you need to use mineral spirits when cleaning it up, it emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with time the paint yellows particularly in low light conditions, and oil paint dries slowly between coats. 

Therefore, when painting your bathroom, you should go for latex paint because it’s quicker-to-dry and easier-to-use. You can also breathe more comfortable because it’s low VOC paint, unlike oil paint. 

Best Bathroom Finish 

Paint finish refers to how shiny, durable, mould-resistant, and aesthetic your bathroom walls will be when you apply a fresh coat. 

Flat Paints: They have less resin and binders as well as more pigment particles. For that reason, these paints have a low lustre, vibrant colour and are susceptible to moisture infiltration. 

Removing stains on these surfaces by scrubbing affects the finish; thus, it’s not the best paint for your bathroom walls. 

Semi-Gloss or Gloss: They are options that give you a shiny finish. The surface is resistant to moisture and mildew. Semi-gloss paint has more binders and resin than flat paint, while the glossy finish has even more resins.  

These paint formulas have tight molecular structures; thus, they repel moisture, which allows it to evaporate away instead. The paint can bear washing and scrubbing, thus keeping this busy room clean and dry. Therefore you can confidently clean and sanitize a glossy and semi-gloss paint finish without causing wear and tear on the wall paint. 

Ballarat Tiling and Waterproofing are experts in Bathroom renovations, such as painting, tiles installation, and waterproofing. You can work with them during your bathroom renovation to update this busy space in the house, thus making it more pleasing and modern. 

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