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Bathroom tiling will make or break the house’s overall design. It is so critical that home sellers and developers concentrate on the design and construction of the space.

Bathroom tiling job done in Ballarat with red subway tiles

An out-of-date bathroom can scare off prospective buyers or discourage the customer, while a new, elegant, and relaxing luxury bathroom can energize and excite. Bathroom designs and patterns are diverse, and you need to change your look as often as every few years. The easiest way to redesign the bathroom is to adjust the tiles.

Bathroom tiling we completed in Ballarat with rustic finished wall tiles

Test out these new bathroom tiles styles and trends;

Vertical Stripes 

A little nostalgic, but new. Bathrooms can include two-tone lined tile stips with two colours of subway tiles. The effect is– carefree, naive and charming. 

Pastel Shades 

Colourful bathroom highlights walls are bright and fashionable. This chic, contemporary bathroom idea can feature a beautifully tiled wall of pastels.  

Rustic Bricks 

Adding bricks or brick-inspired bathroom tiles gives the space a moist, rustic brush. It removes the dullness and coldness of the conventional bathrooms. The bathroom successfully blends modern elements–flat floors and neutral colours, with romantic accents–brick walls, antique faucets, and plants in recycled containers. 

Rock Tile Wall 

Use textured bathroom tiles is a great way to add depth and character to the bathroom. A rock tile wall, black, and maybe several-shaded-grey or brown rock-faced tiles. 

Starred Hexagonal 

Add a good dose of whimsy to your otherwise simple, bland, sleek bathroom. Blend the tiling to create a distinctive and stunning feel. The overall hexagonal tiles give it a clean and modern feel, while some highlighted hexagon tiles can provide a splash of contrast look.

Textured Tiles 

Textured tiles will add dimension to the enclosure of your shower. There are a few things you have to keep in mind. Textured tiles tend to gather mould. Therefore, choose the kinds of tiles that are waterproof. They will dry up quickly without the absorption of water. Allow adequate air, too. This way, no dampness lingers. You will plan the bathroom of your dreams with these safeguards. The texture can be enhanced even more with lighting in the shower area.

Take it halfway 

The bathroom tiles can pass around the walls equally at shoulder height for an immaculate feel. The features that make this type of bathroom tiling useful are the option of paint on the walls above, and the trim that is the key to helping the tiles fit smoothly into a dull wall. 

Work in feature tiling 

If you’ve fallen for more costly tiles but don’t know if your budget is going to extend that far, try using them in a small part of the bathroom. You may reduce the use (and cost) even more by selecting just enough tiles to protect the area immediately behind the basin. Hold individual tiles straight to optimize your tiled wall or strip functionality. 

Subway Tiles with a Black and White Tile

If we think of a shower stall, the traditional tiles that come to mind are nothing but plain subway tiles. We seem to go hand in hand with a contemporary bathroom, over no matter how many decades.

But what if you want to take a modern look at the traditional tiles? Well, that’s pretty easy. In the wall, make a gap. And line it with black and white Aztec tiles. It’s going to add a quick look to your bathroom.  

Striped Tiles 

Stripes are eternal, be they materials or tiles. Any section of your home can have a whole new life with stripes. Okay, why don’t you put your shower stall in stripes? The style of tile depends on your preference. Penny mosaic tile is a popular option. You should switch between grey and white mosaic tile plates. You can also make tiles with coloured subway tiles. Subway tiles are relatively cheaper than mosaic tiles. They’re going to look amazing in the shower enclosure.

Statement Shade 

Small bathrooms usually feel cramped when tiled in a floor-to-ceiling design. To add visual interest without filling the bedroom, tile with a single key colour. Use dark colour tiles on the floor and one wall, and the lighter tile on the other walls. 

Textured Subway Tiles

The unique feature of these tiles is that they are textured. These tiles can be hard to clean. In most instances, textured tiles can be expensive. Most textured subway tiles are made from natural stone. 

Herringbone half-tiling

The tiling in this design is only up to a certain height on the wall, usually halfway to the ceiling. The design is simple but provides that modern look by putting them in a herringbone pattern. 

Natural Stone 

Elegant and beautiful, natural stone, like travertine, granite, marble etc. for your bathroom wall is the ideal touch for an elegant and timeless bathroom style.  

Mixed Hexagons 

Using mixed tiles, some parts of the space can be easily defined. While plain white tiles look great on the walls, the idea of mixed hexagon tiles is ideal for feature walls or floors. Forget order and uniformity, the imaginative arrangement of the tiles contributes to the peculiarity of the scheme. 

Black Slate Squares 

Dominant, virile, trendy. This lavish and minimalist bathroom idea with black slate walls and black floor tiles. Chrome fittings and a full window keep the room well lit and brilliant looking concept. 

Graphic print tiles 

Graphic print tiles are turning bathrooms into something amazing. Running against the floor and up the wall, the tiles add texture and dimension to space. Optimize Graphic-Print design completes the bathroom space with a trendy smart-looking bathroom. 

Playing with Size and Material 

Using the same tiles throughout the bathroom will become one of the more modern bathroom tiling concepts. If necessary, using large tiles, even though big tiles have a price that is more costly than small or medium-sized tiles.

Due to its large scale, the amount needed will not be as high as small or medium-sized tiles. This minimalist look is quickly becoming the trend for most modern bathrooms. 

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